Supported accomodation

St Lucy supported accomodation is specially adapyed for those with mental health and learning difficulties. we provide housing and support within the accomodation for individuals whom do not meet the requirement for care home accommodation, however require some level of support. the level of support will differ depending on the individuals needs. this type of accomodation allows individuals to live more independently.





 St Lucy Supported accomodation comprimises of large en-suite rooms in newly refurbished buildings. All our accomadations have a large living area, a large dining room, and a big kitchen fitted with modern amenities. Our accomadations also have a maintained front and back garden, and are well situated in residential areas, with good access to local shops, religious places, cafes, restaurants, and are accessible with good transport links. Our accomodations meet all the standard housing requirements. Individulas have their own keys to their rooms and front door.






St Lucy supported accomodation offers support for individuals to live in a safe enviroment, and freedom to live independently and maximise their potential.